This is how we grill it

Birthdays, holidays, sports things, no matter the season, there’s always a reason to cook (and sometimes dine) outside. When executed correctly, al fresco summer soirées can certainly be what they call ‘memory makers’, and by executed correctly we mean with minimal planning, zero expectations, and a lot of cold booze.

This is how we do it.

Repurpose old containers from your kitchen and fill them with extra herbs for table decoration and last minute garnishing needs
Repeat after us: use. a. charcoal. chimney. It's not 100% necessary, but it is 100% easier.
Save the environment (and $$) and wrap up some silverware from your drawer at home. Plastic is whack
GRILL IT ALL! Just throw it all on there. For real.
Pick an easy day-friendly cocktail, like a michelada, as the feature drink and keep the rest simple with cold beer and a wine or two.
Keep the main easy with some sort of meat in kebab-form. If your friends hate kebabs then they're not your friends.
Don't forget about the vegetarians in your life (God bless em) - make sure you have enough all-veg options so that everyone can party.
Load up a grilled "hand salad" with romaine hearts and easy caesar dressing. No table setting needed!
Remember the whole 'grill everything' thing? Pineapple included.
Outdoor eating is easier when its hand-held. Miniature key lime cheesecakes are a nice finishing touch.
Party on.