So you’re not throwing a rager - maybe you’re mature or whatever. But just because you’re keeping it lowkey doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a bitching meat & cheese board.

The key to a small cheeseboard is variety. Yea, we know you like 4 types of cheddar, but you don’t have a lot of real estate here so consider the age-old “bang for your buck” rule. On that note…

  1. Vary your cheeses by milk type or texture. Try a smear of cow’s milk brie (the good stuff, please) on one end and some crunchy sheep’s pecorino on the other.

  2. Meat snacks: the great part about a small cheeseboard is that you don’t need to go broke, which is especially helpful when it comes to meat and charcuterie. You can also bring in texture play here - combine roll-ups of Jamon Serrano with a spicy corizio or throw in something soft like a proscuitto spread or rillettes.

  3. Have your elements do double duty: because space is at a premium, try out some pickled vegetables. The acid will cut the fattiness of the meats and cheeses, while also adding a pop of color to your presentation !

  4. Don’t waste space on things that can stand alone. Olives and roasted veggies are great, but give them their own spotlight.

  5. Pay homage to the carbs. Crostini, crackers, cookies, fresh baguette, whatever your flavor may be, make sure it has a place at the table. Or like, half the table.

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