Anchovy Butter
1/2 stick
unsalted butter, room temperature
anchovy fillets
1 T (or more)
chopped parsley
1 t
freshly ground black pepper

Hot take: few items in your kitchen arsenal are more glorious than the anchovy. Canned, tinned, fresh, it’s all good. Keep them in rotation - they are a true utilitarian workhorse, adding a salty umami punch to everything from pasta and pizza to dips and sauces. Once you learn how to use them for good, you’ll be mortified that it didn’t take your “I like creamy Caesar dressing, but not anchovies” phase lasted as long as it did.

This is an easy, cheap flavor bomb that you’d do well to keep in the fridge to spread on grilled bread or mix into hot spaghetti with some crushed red pepper flakes.


  1. Mash the softened butter, anchovy fillets, chopped parsley, and pepper with the back of a fork.